The Boxer Club of Canada

is the 'National' Boxer Club in Canada and is affiliated with the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC). Founded in 1947 The Boxer Club of Canada has members from one end of Canada to the other and also in the United States.

Meetings are held on-line on a monthly basis, except for July and August. We hold rotating east / west national specialties and numerous regional specialties throughout the year.

​We are proud caretakers of the Boxer breed, its history and accomplishments. We supports Boxer rescue and health research for Boxers, stand against breed specific legislation (see the Dog Legislation Council of Canada web site), and believe strongly in the freedom of choice regarding cropping and docking























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The breed standard for The Boxer

Membership and how to join, see The BCC Member App

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Rescuing a Boxer in Canada, see Boxer Rescue

Please note that the BCC promotes responsible dog ownership, reputable breeding practices, and animal welfare

Achievement Awards, Annual Awards
Requirements & Guidelines

Guidelines for Versatility Awards here

These awards are NOT automatically given and must be applied for.

It is the responsibility of the BCC member to apply for any awards that they are eligible for and to make sure their request has been received by the Awards Statisticians.

You may download the forms and fill in and send or send e-mail to the appropriate address with all the information that the form contains for your dog. See link under Awards above for forms.

Any ordinary member of the BCC Inc. is eligible to receive a plaque for a Canadian Championship and/or Sire and Dam of Merit or any other CKC recognized title. Please read carefully.

The requirements are:

  1. Must be a member of the BCC Inc. prior to achieving a title to receive a title holder plaque.

  2. Request for plaque(s) must reach the Awards Statistician on or before the cut-off day - March 30th
    Please send forms to:

    For Conformation:
    Mary Curl
    4 Madill Cr., Lindsay ON, K9V 5W7
    Via E‐mail to: 

    For Obedience & Performance:
    Marta Nettelfield
    P.O. Box 508, Berwyn AB, T0H 0E0
    Via E-mail to:

    Send Cheques for extra plaques to:
    Kim Long -
    1109 Rivervalley Dr.,
    Grand Bay - Westfield, NB Canada
    E5K 1B9
    Funds Via PayPal:
    Interact Transfer :  E‐Transfers may be sent to Kim at:

3. Each request will be acknowledged by e-mail / phone or regular mail. If you do not receive acknowledgement from the Awards Statistician(s) you must contact us by e-mail, phone or regular mail before the deadline

4. As per the Constitution - Probationary Members may not receive Championship plaques during their probationary term but may request those plaques earned by their dog(s) while a Probationary Member when they are promoted to Ordinary Member Status.

At the National Specialty there are also Perpetual Trophies (Listed in the Premium List) offered by the club and by individual club members.

Annual Awards All tabulations and calculations are made within one calendar year.

Definition of the words 'one calendar year' :
"The annual period running from January 1 through December 31 of a given year."

The following awards are tabulated under these guidelines:

Conformation Annual Awards .

Haviland Trophy Donated by the Boxer Cluib of Canada in appreciation of Mrs Eva Whitmore
For the Top Best of Breed Boxer with one point given for each dog defeated at the Breed Level.
Briley Trophy Donated by Kim Long in memory of Eileen and Warren Hood
For the Best of Opposite Sex Boxer with one point given for each Best of Breed ribbon. This may be a dog or bitch and will be opposite sex from the winner of the Haviland Trophy
KG Trophy Donated by Kristi Wagg
For the Top Boxer at the Group Level with 4 points for 1st place, 3 points for 2nd place, 2 points for 3rd place and 1 point for 4th place.
Glendora Trophy Donated by Mr & Mrs Bill Langley
Best in Show Boxer Puppy, with one point given for each Best Puppy in Show (includes National Specialty Best Puppy wins). Owner must be a member in good standing of The Boxer Club of Canada Inc. for the full year (January to December) for which the award is tabulated.
Scher-Khoun Trophy Donated by The Boxer Club of Canada in memory of Ben & Shirley deBoer.
For the Boxer Sire producing the most Champions in Canada
Glencotta Trophies Donated by Lillian Wainwright

1. For the Dam producing the most titled progeny in Canada for the year.
This award is to recognize a successful breeding program.
The individual offspring (for the purpose of this award}  shall only be counted once, regardless of the number of titles the offspring has obtained for the year (or any other year).

For the purpose of this award both performance and conformation titled progeny shall be counted/honoured

2. For the Boxer Brace with the most Best Brace in Show wins at All Breed Championship Shows.

Shadowdale Trophy Donated by Mary L, Curl

For the Kennel having bred the most Champions in Canada in the calendar year January-December. Owner must be a member of The Boxer Club of Canada Inc. for the full year (January to December) for which the award is tabulated.

The individual offspring (for the purpose of this award} shall only be counted once.

Royal Trophies Donated by The Boxer Club of Canada in memory of Verena Jaeger For the Boxer Champion who obtains the highest obedience title with the highest scores calculated as follows:

Novice (CD) - total of first three consecutive qualifying scores.
Open (CDX) - total of first three consecutive qualifying scores.
Utility (UD) -total of first three consecutive qualifying scores.

The obedience title must be obtained in one calendar year (January 1 - December 31). The Championship may be obtained before or after the obedience title. This award is given for ONE of the above categories. The more advanced title superceding a higher score at a lower level. Suitable proof for eligibility of this Award must be supplied to the Trophy Chairperson two months prior to the Award being given

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