The Boxer Club of Canada

is the 'National' Boxer Club in Canada and is affiliated with the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC). Founded in 1947 The Boxer Club of Canada has members from one end of Canada to the other and also in the United States.

Meetings are held on-line on a monthly basis, except for July and August. We hold rotating east / west national specialties and numerous regional specialties throughout the year.

​We are proud caretakers of the Boxer breed, its history and accomplishments. We supports Boxer rescue and health research for Boxers, stand against breed specific legislation (see the Dog Legislation Council of Canada web site), and believe strongly in the freedom of choice regarding cropping and docking

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The breed standard for The Boxer

Membership and how to join, see The BCC Member App

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Rescuing a Boxer in Canada, see Boxer Rescue

Please note that the BCC promotes responsible dog ownership, reputable breeding practices, and animal welfare

Special Service Awards


Special Service Award Recipients:
The Special Service Award is intended to recognize members that have

made ‘Continuous Special Contributions to the Club’
been an ‘Ambassador for The Club and the Breed'
and shown ‘Commitment and Dedication’ over a span of years.

The Boxer Club of Canada is Proud to honour the following recipients:

Marta Nettlefield

Eve Whitmore
Verena Jaeger
Frank Rouse
Monika Pinsker

Shirley deBoer
Bernice Langley
Betty Rouse
Scott McNair Mary Curl
Shirley Bell
Ben deBoer

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2008 PowerPoint Presentation

2007 PowerPoint Presentation