The Boxer Club of Canada

is the 'National' Boxer Club in Canada and is affiliated with the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC). Founded in 1947 The Boxer Club of Canada has members from one end of Canada to the other and also in the United States.

Meetings are held on-line on a monthly basis, except for July and August. We hold rotating east / west national specialties and numerous regional specialties throughout the year.

​We are proud caretakers of the Boxer breed, its history and accomplishments. We supports Boxer rescue and health research for Boxers, stand against breed specific legislation (see the Dog Legislation Council of Canada web site), and believe strongly in the freedom of choice regarding cropping and docking

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Rescuing a Boxer in Canada, see Boxer Rescue

Please note that the BCC promotes responsible dog ownership, reputable breeding practices, and animal welfare

Boxer Club of Canada Public Membership List

Membership Chairperson

Doris Avery
1342 Warner St.
Moose Jaw, SK
S6H 6L
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Members (from west to east)
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Website Address
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British Columbia
Lena & Bob Arkell -
Bolerame Boxers
Sandra Beck -
Pandora Boxers
Shelly Dueck -
TopRank Boxers
Karen Knox -
Dorado Boxers Reg'd
Monika Pinsker -
Mephisto Boxers Reg'd
Sheila Verhulst -
Tradonalee Boxers
Cora Verhulst -
Tradonalee Boxers
Anita Hunter -
Papageno Boxers
Terri Pickett -
Breka Boxers
Sharon and Ron Berry -
Berlane Boxers Reg'd
Karen Deschambault
Rikar Boxers Reg'd
Sheila McAvoy
Tybrushe Boxers Reg'd
Marta Nettelfield
Boxer Rescue Canada
Josie O'Reilly
Summer Boxers Reg'd
Kirstan Sonnenberg
Tienlung Boxers, Reg'd
Cindy Thomas
CynTech Reg'd Boxers
Paul M. Wilcox
WilKing Kennels
Don & Rhianon Racette
Kemfer's Boxers reg'd
Kimberly Smith
Faberly Boxers 
Tammy Ranta
Briante Boxers
Jeannie Miskey
David and Patti Gilmour
Zaracon Boxers Reg'd
Len Waddell
Kennels of Bracara Reg'd
Allison Hadaway
Firefly boxers
Chris & Mary Marko
Medousa Boxers Reg'd
Bev Pope
CounterPunch Boxers
Joe Arruda
Lynne Beilhartz
Jordannas Boxers Perm Reg'd
Shirley Bell
Bellcrest Boxers Perm Reg'd
Christine Burton & Justin Burton
EverLong Boxers
Jenny Catton
Michael Catton
Mijen Reg'd
Mary Curl
Shadowdale Boxers Perm. Reg.
Jim & Francine Gillanders
Uppercut Boxers
Mike Hockley
Eastport Kennels
Jane & George Holicka
Xelascon Boxers Reg'd
Jack Ireland
PinePath Boxers Perm Reg'd
Judy Jury
Trimanor Kennels Reg'd
Laura King
Diamondaire Boxers Perm Reg'd
Patrice Longstreet
Mahogany Boxers
Linda Norris
Rodlin Kennels Reg'd
Medley Small
CinnRhee Boxers Reg'd
Kim & Richard Tarrington
RubyRed Boxers
Kristi Wagg
KG Boxers
Shawn Mealey
Denshaws Boxers reg.
Melissa Mathers
Vanquish Boxers Reg'd
Debbie Allardyce
Debria Kennels Reg'd
Barry Green
Lynbary Boxers Reg'd
Andre Jeannotte
Holiday Kennels
Richard Vachon
Elevage Derivabo
Annie Lamoth & Normand W. Houde
DuClocher Boxer
New Brunswick
Don & Anne Craig
KPark Kennels Reg'd
Kim Long
Briley Boxers
Tara Burt
Nova Scotia
Arlene Wood
Tiamat Kennels Reg'd
Prince Edward Island
Deanne Sinnot
Maestro Boxers
United States
Brenda Jordan
Remember Me Boxers
Lee & Mary Jane Nowak
Shadigee Boxers
Jennifer Bitner
Dajen Kennels
Robert Millsaps
Ram Boxers

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